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This is only the colour collection. The paint would be supplied as Crown Trade Mixed Paint

Crown Trade Paints are renowned for their quality, having helped businesses and homeowners alike for almost 250 years. Their Earth Balance range of warm and gentle colours are unassumingly attractive, with a lightness of touch that never takes away from their clear functional quality.

Each shade – the rosy Antique Cream, smooth Ivory Cream and sandy Water Chestnut – is available in a range of finishes, including matt, gloss, emulsion and satin. Regardless of if you want something strong and opaque or light and bright, your needs will be met.

Whether you opt for Antique Cream’s rustic charm, Ivory Cream’s soft caramel or Water Chestnut’s sense of the seaside, you are sure to get both a colour that quietly complements its surroundings and a durable product that is fit for your purposes. Every Earth Balance paint can be used on walls, wood or metal, and each is of premium quality.

If the volume is a concern, then don’t worry. All Crown Trade Earth Balance paints come in sizes 1l, 2.5l and 5l. Whatever the colour and however big the job, there is a paint for all needs in the Crown Trade range.