Floor Paint

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If you’ve decided the floors in your home or business space need a lick of paint, or you need a quality finish for a newly renovated space, take a look through our range of floor paints. Floor paints differ from other regular paints as they require different qualities.

Floors are something we walk over every day, which means you will need paint that has been formulated with this in mind. Our hard-wearing finish paints ensure your painted floor will remain as fresh as the day you painted it. Floors are often made up of particular materials, unlike our walls, and having paint that applies and absorbs to these surfaces smoothly is key. Our collection of Crown Trade floor paints will blend flawlessly into any flooring you install.

With speedy dry times, you won’t have to spend too long with a room out of use with our silky floor crown trade paints. Shop today to find the colour that suits your space.