The Palladian Collection

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The Crown Trade Paints Palladian collection is inspired by ancient Roman architecture and features a beautiful palette of muted shades that echo the hues of limestone, marble and travertine. These authentic and earthy tones feel tranquil and warm and have been formulated to emulate the natural looks of exquisite Roman buildings from the past.

The Palladian collection is available in a variety of finishes, including matt, gloss and satin, ensuring you can dress your walls, ceilings and woodwork in pigment-packed historic paint colours. Discover soft and soothing shades such as Palladian 6 and Palladian 11, alongside the subtle grey of Palladian 14 and the richer shade of Palladian 15. These classic neutrals are versatile and timeless, instantly transforming every room in your home into spaces that feel inviting, opulent and peaceful.

Crown has been making paint for over 200 years and the brand is proud to hold the Royal Warrant. The Crown Trade Paint Palladian collection is renowned for its professional finishes and design-led colours that nod to the beauty of the past.