Masonry Paint

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Crown Trade Paints are the gold standard in quality when it comes to professional paints, offering an exceptional finish thanks to superior ingredients.

Available in Stronghold Black (5L) and Stronghold White, this is a professional grade water-based paint with high opacity that is suitable for rendered surfaces, exterior brick painting and building boards.

Offering excellent weather resistance and a smooth protective finish, as well as anti-carbonation properties to keep it clean for longer, Crown Trade Stronghold Smooth Masonry Paint is designed to stand the test of time.

Coats of paint will dry to a smooth, matte finish that comes with 10 years of proven durability. Expect touch dry paint in 1-2 hours with the ability to re-coat in around 4-6 hours.

It is recommended to apply Crown Trade Stronghold Smooth Masonry Paint by brush, medium or long pile roller. It’s also suitable for airless spray painting, with a coverage of up to 16 square metres per litre.