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This is only the colour collection. The paint would be supplied as Crown Trade Mixed Paint.

Get your Pride and Prejudice on with our range of beautiful Crown Trade Period Colour Paints. Inspired by period pieces and the elegant, opulent styles of the times, this range of colours is perfect for adding some understated elegance to your space. From lounges and bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchen, there’s a wide variety of shades suitable for any room in this extensive collection of beautifully-rich colours.

Warm reds, deep blues and olive greens like Tudor Rose, Midnight Navy and Promenade help to create cosy living spaces. Alternatively, you could opt for a feature wall and use a bolder colour, like Gold Leaf or Velvet Plum, to highlight the focal point of the room, contrasting with a more neutral shade on the other walls. For a clean, cool-toned bathroom vibe, use shades like Tempest Blue, Looking Glass or Smoked Oyster, or stick to shades of warm pale yellow such as Bonnet and Straw Boater. Our variety of neutrals like Parchment, Carriage Door and White Glove are great options for bright, airy kitchens.

Whatever you’re after, Crown Trade Period Colour Paints has a wide range of classic shades to choose from.