Pure Brilliant White

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Crown Trade Paints are renowned for their quality, having helped businesses and homeowners alike achieve a perfect finish for almost 250 years. Their range of Pure Brilliant White paints is among the best you’ll find, offering the brightest whites for a wide range of surfaces.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth, matt finish to mask any lumps or bumps, or the delicateness of a silk or satin shine to help brighten your room, there will be a Crown Trade Pure Brilliant White paint for your needs. Ranging from Obliterating Emulsion to Satin Finish, these paints never lack quality.

If it’s a quick job you need, then look no further than the Crown Timesaver range. Ideal for wood, metal and glass, this solvent-based paint comes in both White Satin and White Gloss varieties and does what’s required with only one coat.

For those taking on something bigger, the Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion will truly stand the test of time. Perfect for new plaster, this emulsion was custom-made for first-time decoration, drying quickly while maintaining surface integrity.

With sizes extending from 750ml for the smallest One Coat Timesaver pots up to 10l for the largest of the sturdy Premium Matt and Covermatt formulations, there really is the paint for all needs in the Crown Trade range.