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Yellow is the colour of happiness, but when considering painting a room it doesn’t mean you have to go for bright and brash.

The range of Crown Trade Paints we stock includes a whole spectrum of yellows, 33 in fact. From subtle creamier lemons, to golds, and even extending further up the rainbow to deep oranges and reds.

Yellow shades are fantastic for letting light flood into a room and bringing it to life. When our minds register yellow, they immediately help us think of warmer, sunnier climates. Using more than one shade within the yellow range, perhaps even venturing into the realm of oranges, can help break up rooms, and avoid looking one-dimensional.

Plus, it doesn’t just have to be walls which are painted in these shades. Painting furniture, such as desks, wardrobes, or tables with a different colour can have as much of an impact as a wall, in much less time.

Choose from Satin, Silk, or Gloss for a high-shine finish, or explore more of the Matt variety, such as the Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt to cover any blemishes on walls and furniture. Silk Emulsion will allow plenty of light into a smaller space, such as a child’s room, and has a small shine, so you can paint large areas without it becoming too overpowering.

Need any help selecting the perfect lemon shade? Just get in touch, we’d be happy to help out. Or, if you want something a little more unique, ask us about custom orders.