Sandtex Primers

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Whether you are decorating a new house or adding a fresh new look to your current one, painting and decorating can be an exciting time. From choosing new colours to planning out your decor, there are lots of things to stock up on but before you pick up that paintbrush or roller, don’t forget that you will also need to pick up some primers and undercoats! Primers work by creating a smooth foundation on which your subsequent coats of paint can be applied smoothly and evenly for a brilliant finish. For the best primers and undercoats, trust Sandtex Primers, a trusted brand among DIYers and professional painters and decorators alike. With great adhesion and high opacity, Sandtex Primers create the perfect surface for your paint, whether indoors or outdoors, making them a great versatile option for any painting project anywhere in your home.

Buy Paints Online are proud to stock a range of Sandtex Primers suitable for a variety of painting jobs, including their Quick Dry formulation, so you can get the surface prepped in no time allowing you to pick up your brush and get started on that all-important coat of colour.