Rustins Wood Dye

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Available in a range of 11 natural wood stain colours, Rustins Wood Dye is an easy to apply, deeply penetrating stain that dries fast. An ideal woodcare solution for interior and exterior bare wood and both soft and hardwood, the product works exceptionally well on floors, skirting boards, wardrobes, sideboards, chairs, staircases and bannisters. Apply with a foam brush or lint-free cloth and leave to dry for 1-2 hours.

Rustins Wood Dye colours include Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Walnut and Dark Teak and can even be mixed together to make your own unique natural wood shade. Designed to make wood look beautiful with a smooth and flawless finish, Rustins Wood Dye doesn’t raise the grain on application, so your furniture and floors retain their quality and the fibres of the wood never swell or become fuzzy and rough.

Whatever you’re planning on staining, indoors and out, Rustin’s will take care of your wood. From deep, rich mahogany stains to classic antique colours, Rustin’s woodcare dyes are reliable, non-fading, non-bleeding and seamless to apply. After staining the wood, use a sanding sealer before waxing or a protective clear varnish for an exceptional and long-lasting finish. Rustins Wood Dye is the go-to choice if you want to bring out the rich colours and textures of your wood with both customised and natural stains.