Sadolin SuperDec Satin

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If you’re looking for an opaque protective coating for your cladding, conservatory, doors or windows, you’ll love our range of Sadolin Superdec Satinwood protection products in a wide range of stunning and vibrant colours. This exceptionally durable coating will provide your wood surfaces with up to 10 years of woodcare protection, to prevent any flaking, cracking or peeling from occurring.

Sadolin Superdec Satin is a high-quality, water-borne finish that is formulated to erode naturally when exposed to the elements. This ensures that the coating is able to remain flexible to resist any damage, so if you’re looking for a coating for your previously painted, stained or brand new wood surface, you’re bound to find something you love from this innovative collection. Whether you’re looking for a neutral colour or more of a statement, we have the Sadolin Superdec Satin shade to suit your existing decor and personal taste.